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SINCE 2007

Jiangxi Ruiyuan decoration Co., LTD

Jiangxi Ruiyuan Decoration Co., Ltd. is a specialized set of building decoration, building curtain wall, metal doors and Windows three main business as one of the diversified decoration enterprises。The company has professional contracting of building decoration engineering Level II (Certificate number D336094288), professional contracting of building curtain wall engineering Level I (Certificate number D236016099), professional contracting of steel structure engineering Level II (certificate number D236016099)。

Introduce better equipment and control product quality

★ Introduced 6 doors and Windows curtain wall production lines imported from Italy, equipped with a high-quality design, production and construction team of more than 500 people


★ The annual production capacity of door and window curtain wall products exceeds 1 million square meters, which is one of the largest door and window curtain wall production bases in Jiangxi Province


★ Ruiyuan decoration has been in Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces and cities to carry out business, forming a cross-regional development layout。

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