Service guarantee

  Ruiyuan decoration adhering to the "heart, with the situation to serve the customer" business philosophy, for the owner of the project from the design stage to the project delivery, the use of the whole process to provide customers with energy-saving doors and Windows, curtain wall engineering, building decoration and other projects a complete set of solutions。

  Consulting: To provide customers with consulting services from the preliminary design of the project, the deepening design, the early stage of bidding, the whole process of project completion and delivery,Let customers have a deeper understanding of the door and window curtain wall decoration industry and related technologies,Cooperate with the client and designer to complete the preliminary plan or rationalize the existing plan, etc。

  Application: To deepen the design, to provide personalized solutions, to integrate our products and advanced technology concepts into the solutions provided to customers。

  Implementation: The blueprint of the owner or designer combined with our company's technology, products and services into reality, to ensure the quality of the materials purchased by our company, product measurement, production accuracy, product installation, commissioning quality progress and safety, to ensure the cooperation with other construction enterprises on the site。

  Service: To deliver perfect engineering products for customers, engineering implementation to the completion of the delivery of the warranty period, to provide a response within 24 hours of after-sales service。Solve customers' after-sale needs in a timely manner and eliminate customers' worries。